We’re excited to provide a safe and enjoyable camp experience this summer! Please watch the video to the left to learn about our basic procedures, and learn about more of our COVID-19 policies down below.

Are you still having camps?
What are the modifications you’ll have at camps?
What Additional Safety Precautions Are You Taking?
Refund Policy Change

Are you still having camps?

Yes! According to Governor Kate Brown, we are able to have camps with a few modifications. Please see below.

What are the modifications you’ll have at camps?

  1. Campers will be in groups of ten, so we will assign each camper to a “Team”. Teams will be based on age and sport. Our general groups will be broken into 6-7 year-olds; 8-9 year-olds; 10-12 year-olds.

If your camper has a friend that he or she would like to be on the same Team with, please let us know in the comment section during sign-up. If you have already signed up, please email us the full first and last name of your child and the friend they would like to be on the same Team with. Please note we are doing our best to accommodate all requests for 1,000+ campers. Thanks for your patience!


  1. Some camps will be limited on size. In order to meet the requirements of the State, we will be limiting some camp sizes to ensure kids have enough room to practice social distancing when possible.


  1. Games and drills may be modified to fit current state standards. Our heart is to make these camps fun and engaging for every child! That being said, we will comply with state rules to make sure kids remain safe at camp.


  1. Anyone with a fever will have to forego camp. Refunds will be issued. We will ask parents to take temperatures at home, and will have forehead thermometers available for those who request a temperature check.


  1. We’re going to practice social distancing in check-in and check-out lines. Thank you in advance for your patience during those times!


  1. The State of Oregon is currently encouraging kids over age 2 to wear masks. We are not requiring masks, but we will have limited number available for purchase if you’d like to have your child wear one. Sending them with a mask from home is fine as well.

What Additional Safety Precautions Are You Taking?

  1. Frequent hand-sanitizer and hand-washing breaks for kids and coaches.
  2. Each Team will have their own set of sport equipment, which will be sanitized multiple times throughout the day.
  3. All campers will be reminded to keep hands to themselves, not touch their face, eyes, etc.
  4. All camp equipment will go through an additional deep-cleaning process at the end of each week.
  5. In the past, we have offered to apply sunscreen to Campers throughout the day. However, this year, in effort to reduce physical contact between Coaches and Campers, we are unable to do so. We encourage parents to administer sunscreen to campers before drop-off so they are protected throughout the day.
  6. Campers will be asked to bring a water bottle to camp, and it can be refilled with a hose or other non-contact method.
  7. Frequent sanitizing and cleaning of restrooms throughout the day


Refund Policy Change

  1. Refund Policy Change: For the first time in nine years, we will be limiting camp sizes in certain areas. We will also be managing specific Team sizes to ensure we can meet State requirements. Due to this, we will not be offering refunds for camp cancellations that are non-Covid related. While we cannot issue refunds, we will offer a credit to another JKSC camp.


If any camp is cancelled due to state regulations pertaining to Covid, we will issue full refunds to parents.