With acceptance to attend Jordan Kent’s Just Kids Skill Camps, I hereby release Jordan Kent Enterprises, Jordan Kent, and all personnel, partners, and sponsors connected with the camps, from any liability, illness, or property damage that I sustain during my, my child’s or my dependent’s participation in this camp or that is in any way related to this camp. I understand that this applies to myself, my child, my dependent, and our respective personal representatives.

I hereby authorize the directors and staff of Jordan Kent’s Just Kids Skill Camps to act on my behalf according to their best judgment in any emergency requiring discipline or medical attention. I also acknowledge that my child/dependent is physically fit to participate in camp activities, according to our family physician.

In addition, you understand that by enrolling your child/dependent and or attending a Jordan Kent Enterprises LLC event (such as Jordan Kent’s Just Kids Skill Camps) that your child’s/dependent’s or your own image will be taken or recorded by camera or video camera at anytime while attending or participating in the camp. You also understand that all images are property of Jordan Kent Enterprises LLC and its affiliates and that you give permission to Jordan Kent Enterprises, Jordan Kent’s Just Kids Skill Camps, and any of its affiliates and partners to use your child’s/dependent’s or your own face, image, or likeness in any marketing, promotion, advertising, print, multimedia, or any other reasonable or necessary way and that said images, footage, or print may be reproduced or duplicated in any quantity without your permission and no right to royalties.