We are so excited for camp! We kindly ask that take a quick five minutes to read this info and learn about what to expect for camp this year, as there will be some important new features we want to tell you about.

Please confirm your camp location by checking your email for our pre-camp email, or on our website with your location schedule.

You can make sure you are receiving our pre-camp emails by subscribing here with the email you used to sign up for camp.

Here’s What to Expect on Day 1:

Campers will be organized into Teams to start the week.  Teams will be separated by sport (football, basketball, or soccer) and age (groups will be 6-7; 8-9; and 10-12 years). Due to high volume of email requests, we are unable to organize Teams before the start of camp. We will organize Campers into Teams after our Morning Talk and Group Warm-Ups. Our heart is to make sure all Campers are comfortable and happy with their Team, and we will do our very best to accommodate every request! *Please note, we are not able to put kids onto the same Team if they are playing a different sport, or if they are in different age groups.

Multiple Sports:

Campers will be allowed to change sports to start the new day of each camp, but will need to move to the coordinating team to do so for the morning.

Check-In Process:
Check-In will start at 8:40 AM. If you arrive earlier, please wait with your child until 8:40. Thank you for your patience as we get all of our equipment set up for camp!

While in line for Check-In, one of our JKSC Crew Members will hand you a Check-In card to write the date, time, your child’s name, and your name; this card will be collected at the Check-In table in an envelope or bin, and this is how we will take attendance.

We will be doing this same attendance card method for Pick-Up. If someone other than you is picking your child up, they will need to sign them out in this way. If someone other than a Parent/Guardian is picking up your child, please fill that information out on the check in card.

Once the Check-In card has been turned in, we will greet your Camper with their T-shirt and wristband, and welcome them to Day 1! (They do not have to wear the Camp shirt unless they want to.)

Once Inside the Camp Perimeter, your child will set their things by an orange cone, and then they will head onto the field where a Coach will be leading early Warm-Ups. Once all campers have arrived, we will begin our Morning Talk and Group Warm-Ups.

Staying at Camp/Watching Your Child:
We have always had an open-door policy with Parents who feel more comfortable observing camp, however this year, we are limiting the number of extra people who can be within our parameters after Warm-Ups and our Morning Talk for safety purposes. If you would like to stay at camp to observe after check-in, please email us by the Thursday before Camp begins so that we can have you fill out a background check form, and plan on us taking your temperature at Check-In. You are welcome to stand outside of the Camp Parameter to watch and observe at any point during the day without taking these measures!

What to Pack for Your Child:
Appropriate clothing for the weather forecast. Please send a jacket if the weather calls for rain.

Snack (all campers) & Lunch (full day campers)

*As with years past, we have some Campers with severe peanut allergies, and we’re asking that all Parents help us keep camp Peanut-free. (That being said, we do not monitor what Campers eat; if your child has a severe allergy and you did not indicate it during sign-up, please let us know.)

Athletic shoes (or cleats if your child prefers)
A full water bottle with your child’s name. (The state has discouraged us from using disposable cups. We will have water to refill water bottles.)
-Please apply sunscreen before sending your child to camp. We are unable to apply sunscreen this year due to Covid regulations.
***Please do not send your child with their own sport ball, as we have plenty of JKSC balls for our Campers to use.

Allergies and Medical Needs:
We always have at least one Frist Aid/CPR certified Team Member on hand. If your child has a medical need that you listed during registration, such as an Epi-Pen, please talk to the Manager at Check-In.

Bullying & Behavior Policy:
Our heart is to create a camp environment that is FUN for everyone. That being said, we have a Zero Tolerance Policy for Bullying. Please talk to your child before camp about keeping their hands to themselves and using kind, positive, team-building language. While instances of bullying have been very rare at our camps, we do reserve the right to send Campers home if a Coach feels they are intentionally harming or adversely affecting the experience of other Campers.

Late Policy:
While rare, we have, on some occasions, had Campers left at camp long past pickup time at 3 PM. We never leave just one Coach alone with a Camper, so to accommodate the overtime payment for two Coaches to stay late, we will be charging a $30 Courtesy Fee for Parents who are more than 10 minutes late. Thank you so much for your understanding!

THE FUN STUFF: Games, Fun, and
Rainbow Farting Unicorns!

Now that the nitty gritty stuff is out of the way, let’s talk about FUN! Our heart is to give kids the BEST week of their summer! In addition to sport drills, we have crafted camp games that will include relays, obstacle courses, and fun competitions that we can’t wait to unveil! We have hilarious Team names including the Rainbow Farting Unicorns, the Lazer Sharks, the Battle Sloths, and the Blast Raptors (among others). We have MORE PRIZES THAN EVER BEFORE to give away each day at raffle!

We’re bringing back WACKY WEDNESDAY and JERSEY THURSDAY and this year, we’re even hosting CAMP OLYMPICS on Tuesday and Thursday afternoon! We also have a surprise gift for each Camper at the end of the week! Jordan will be making an appearance at every camp, and our Coaches are truly the *best of the best*. While this year will look a little different due to Covid regulations, we are SO EXCITED to spend the week with your child, and we are thankful you’ve chosen our camp!

You will find a nightly email recap that shares what we did each day. We can’t wait to share about all of the fun!

We’re excited to be bringing back our daily Nutrition Education courtesy PacificSource Healthy Life, and our character principle “Motto of the Day” by Les Schwab. Our team of Coaches is well-trained and eager to give your child an epic summer experience!

Other Questions? Please read the FAQ section on our website as most questions are answered there. We have 3,000+ campers registered for camps this summer, and while we do our best to return every phone call, we’re sometimes unable to do so promptly. The best way to reach us is over email at info@jordankentcamps.com. We also regularly check our messages on Instagram @jordankentcamps.

We’re looking forward to seeing you on this Summer!